Parcours d'orientation - Espace naturel d'orientation

Natural Area Orienteering Sports


In a natural space, go to the discovery of the orientation and get to know each other the simple techniques of this sport using a card and compass.

The different routes:

The "Curiocity" heading: for sale 2.50 €. A nature walk to discover Régusse. A 4 km 050 km course, which will make you discover the riches of Régusse. This activity is for beginners and is also suitable for families. In a few words the goal of the game is to find terminals or mini-terminals using a card, answer a question, the terminal (made of wood) is equipped with a clamp and you must punch to get the answer.

The discovery booklet: 11.90 €
Green route: Discovery of the orienteering race and the reading of the map. The beacons are on their way. 14 beacons 4.6 km 1h30.
Blue course: Simple CO practice that allows you to
out of the way. 14 beacons 6 km 2h.
Red course: Requires reading and writing skills
card handling. Beacons require a tech-
orientation guide to find them. 22 beacons 9.5 km 2h30.

There is a long but easy hiking trail, 24 beacons, 8.9 km 3h.

The discovery booklet Espace sports d'orientation and the cap curiocity are on sale in the tourist information office of Régusse (04 94 70 19 01) and in Aups (04 94 84 84 00 69)


Free of charge. Access to the natural orientation area is open to all and free of charge, only the Cap curiocity and the discovery booklet are for sale.


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Phone 04 94 70 19 01

Chemin Margherite de Trians
83630 - REGUSSE

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All year round.

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