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The Qualité TourismeTM brand

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand is the only official trademark awarded to tourism professionals for the quality of their reception and services.

It is accredited to service providers who meet strict customer satisfaction quality standards. As a guarantee of trust, the services are regularly subjected to an unannounced and independent inspection. Qualité Tourisme™ gives you a hallmark you can trust in to choose tourist establishments with quality services.

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand covers the entire tourism chain as your guarantee of quality throughout your holiday: accommodation, catering services, tourist attractions, sports and leisure activities, tourist information centres, etc. So you can plan your holiday safe in the knowledge of quality you can depend on.

Everyone from leading destinations to places off the beaten track and from major international groups to small independent establishments has joined forces with Qualité Tourisme™ to celebrate French tourism quality in action. Nearly 5,900 establishments are displaying the Qualité Tourisme™ trademark.

Our Qualité Tourisme TM commitments

The Lacs et Gorges du Verdon Intercommunal Tourist Office and its Tourist Information Offices in: Aiguines, Aups, Bauduen, La Martre, Les Salles-sur-Verdon, Régusse, Tourtour and Villecroze, have been committed to the Qualité TourismeTM approach since 2018.
In May 2022, the first step of the process has been crossed: the validation of the "mystery customer" test. In autumn 2022, we will have to validate the final stage in the hope of confirming the obtaining of the Qualité TourismeTM brand.
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For more information : The Qualité Tourisme™ state-guaranteed brand
Quality Assurance Manager of the Intercommunal Tourist Office :
Marta SYROCKA - +33 4 94 70 21 64 - msyrocka@cclgv.fr
You can find the professionals who have been awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ brand in our region on the pages of our website.

Our sustainable development commitments

Concerned about preserving this wonderful authentic territory, we aim to contribute to its sustainable and rational development.
> You can find more information on this subject here.

Office de tourisme classé (Classified tourist office)

Tourist offices can be classified as part of a voluntary process. This classification is a strong lever to reinforce their federative role concerning the tourist action to be developed in their geographical area of intervention. It also allows the communities to have access to certain advantages: the classification of the tourist office in category II allows the communes of its area of competence to obtain the designation of tourist commune, the classification in category I allows access to the classification as a tourist resort which constitutes the recognition of excellent welcome.
The Intercommunal Tourist Office Lacs et Gorges du Verdon has been classified in category II since the 9th of December 2019.
More information on the website of The Directorate General for Enterprise (in French only).

Accueil Vélo (Cyclists welcome)

Accueil Vélo is a national label that guarantees a high quality reception and services along cycle routes for cyclists on their way to and from the region.
The Intercommunal Tourist Office Lacs et Gorges du Verdon has been awarded the Accueil Vélo label since 2019 and works in partnership with Vélo Loisir Provence, the Verdon Regional Natural Park, neighbouring communities and the Var, Alpes de Haute-Provence and Alpes Maritimes departments to create and promote cycling and mountain biking routes.
For more information : Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome) and Discover the Verdon by bike
Accueil Vélo Manager of the Intercommunal Tourist Office :
Marta SYROCKA - +33 4 94 70 21 64 - msyrocka@cclgv.fr
You can find the certified professionals of our territory on our website.

I-mobile point

In 2018, the Intercommunal Tourist Office Lacs et Gorges du Verdon adopted the "Point i-mobile" system. This is a brand deployed by the Tourist Offices of France which allows you to be informed of places welcoming you in your holiday area where you will find the following services:

  • A free (and secured) WiFi connection
  • Equipment to recharge your mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • Tourist information provided by the Tourist Office

The i-mobile points in a given area will be easily identifiable by the presence of appropriate signs (stickers, posters, etc.).

Chambre d'hôtes référence®

In France there is no state classification for guest rooms. Therefore, ADN Tourisme has created the Chambre d'hôtes Référence® title which offers the possibility to guarantee the quality of their service to their customers without using a private label.
The Intercommunal Tourist Office Lacs et Gorges du Verdon accompanies the guest rooms owners of its territory in their efforts to improve their quality. It is also entitled to qualify each guest room so that it is recognised for its quality of reception and services.
Chambre d'hôtes Référence® Manager of the Intercommunal Tourist Office
Marta SYROCKA - +33 4 94 70 21 64 - msyrocka@cclgv.fr
You can find the qualified professionals of our territory on the pages of our website

Valeurs parc naturel régional (Regional natural park values) brand

Committed together to the preservation of the environment, to the well-being of women and men and to the local economy, the Regional Natural Parks are concerned with the promotion of the natural and cultural resources of each territory.
In view of this, the Regional Natural Parks have together created the “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” brand, which is registered by the State and promoted locally and nationally.
For more information : Marque Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional (in French only)
You can find the certified professionals of our territory on the pages of our website.

Labels of our destination

Communes touristiques (Tourist municipalities)

All the municipalities of the Community of Communes Lacs et Gorges du Verdon have the designation of "Tourist Commune".
This designation recognises the very strong tourist dimension of this territory with its exceptional landscapes including:

  • the professionalization of its tourist office
  • its accommodation capacity, the 2nd largest in the Var department in relation to its population.
  • a rich and diversified offer of events, proposed throughout the territory and all year round.

This represents a great recognition of the tourist potential of the area and of our professionalism!
For more information : ANETT, Association Nationale des Elus des Territoires Touristiques (National Association of Elected Officials of Touristic Territories) (in French only)


Communes oléicoles de France (French olive-growing town)

The Community of Communes Lacs et Gorges du Verdon is a member of the Fédération des Villes Françaises Oléicoles (Federation of French Olive-Growing Towns) for all its communes. Their main objective is to establish a network linking the Communes Oléicoles de France to make their relations active and to group together initiatives to support, promote and enhance the image of the production and processing of French olives and olive oils, as well as the landscapes and the environment.


Vignobles & découvertes (Vineyards & discoveries)

Created in 2009, the Vignobles & Découvertes label is awarded for a period of 3 years by Atout France, after recommendation by the Conseil Supérieur de l'Œnotourisme (Higher Council for Wine Tourism), to a wine tourism destination offering a range of complementary tourist products (accommodation, restaurants, cellar visits and tastings, museums, events, etc.) and enabling customers to organise their stay more easily and to be guided towards qualified services.
The estates of Château Thuerry, Saint-Jean de Villecroze and Valcolombe have been labelled since 2021, in partnership with Dracénie Provence Verdon Agglomération. You will find a high-quality welcome and careful services around wine tourism.
For more information : Atout France (in French only), Vineyards & Discoveries label in Dracénie

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