Face au plateau de Valensole - Le parcours de Toine

The natural path of Toine


The path that you will follow in the company of Toine will take you around the village in a natural and preserved environment. Each of the 14 stops will be a key opening one of the doors of the Verdon. Duration: 1h00 - Level: 50m - Distance: 1.5km

At the entrance to the village, a large painting presents Toine and its path.
Stop 1- The feeding forest.
This first stop invites us to rub the oak. Green or white, the oak is here at home.
Stop 2 - The birds singing.
We are in the heart of a pine forest. Half a century ago, this slope, cut into terraces, was still cultivated.
Now, squirrels and birds are looking here for seeds. Do you recognize the songs?
Stop 3 & 4 - Ferns and boxwood.
Stop 3 invites us to play with the ferns that colonize the embankment.
The sign of the stop 4 is in the middle of typical shrubs of Provence, the ferns and the boxwood. The trail then takes you out of the way, towards the lake that appears between the trees.
Stop 5 - A farming village.
This stop is facing an orchard of almond trees. Toine reminds us that Les Salles sur Verdon was a farming village.
Stop 6 - Lake and lavender
The trail takes us to the lake. On the other side of the lake the plateau of Valensole is situated where huge patches of lavandin are grown.
In the last years of the old village, Les Salles sur Verdon had 7 stills in operation to produce the essence of lavender.
Stop 7 & 8 - The smell of truffles.
The path here is mixed with the sports course.
Stop 7 invites us to look at the bushes that invade the undergrowth deserted by the sheep.
Stop 8 invites to stop in front of a truffle plantation separating the campsite from the beaches of the lake.
Stop 9 - The Iscles
On the beach we see a willow. They were numerous at the edge of the waters of the Verdon, especially on the iscles, these banks of sand and gravel formed in the hollow of the rivers.
Stops 10 & 11 - Scents and languages
At the stop 10 we recognize the many Provencal plants that are used in the house or in the kitchen.
The path takes us past the memorial of Salles sur Verdon and its stone sheep.
Stop 11 takes us to the foot of a hackberry tree, overlooking the lake.
Halte12 - The cade and the island of Costebelle.
The panel faces the hillock on which the new village is located.
On the other side of the road a very beautiful cade suffered the insults of the fire. Behind the willows that border the lake, there is the small cove and in the background Costebelle, a hill that became the only island of the lake.
Stops 13 & 14 - And suddenly the village.
Continuing on the small road, it is here in summer, that we can hear the most beautiful cicadas' voices.
Stop 13 allows you to stop in front of maple trees and a little further, at the stop 14 Toine falses us company.
The route on its end, leads to the entrance of the village.
Duration: 1h00 - Level: 50m - Distance: 1.5km


Free access.


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