Lavoir - Fontaine et lavoir du plus Bas Village

Fountain and washhouse of the Plus Bas Village


The rustic fountain-washer is supported by a wall made of local rubble. Three tanks follow each other at right angles, the first being the fountain followed by the rinsing tank and the washing tank.

The tanks are built of limestone cut stones with curbstones clamped and lead-sealed. Spring water accumulates in a hollowed stone covered with a plate, overhanging above the tank. This rather rare arrangement allows easy access to the back of the distribution cannons and maintains a good flow. A "1843" chronogram, engraved in stone, gives us information on the date of construction of the monument. The bucket bars are present under the zoomorphic, duck-shaped distribution cannon.
Then the water flows to the washhouse, which consists of a first tank to rinse the laundry followed by a tank where the women could rub on the inclined washing surface.


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Plus Bas Village

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