Nouveau village - Les Salles-sur-Verdon

Historical tour "One site - one story"


This route will take you into the very intimacy of the village and its roots. The 11 stops, like white pebbles, will guide you on the paths of the past

Halts 1 & 2 - The Town Hall and the fountain
The route begins in front of the Town Hall.
(Going from one to the other of these public places, we will explore the village.)
The Font Freye fountain, witness of the old village.
Stop 3 - The church
The church of the old village held its role of pivot until the end. The new church is quite remarkable: calm on the inside, affirmed on the outside. Its eccentric steeple, slightly offbeat, gives it a real presence in the heart of Les Salles-sur-Verdon.
Stop 4 - The school
The school is named after Paulin Guichard, a farrier in Les Salles. In 1851 during the coup d'Etat, the Republicans of the Var rise up and were beaten in Aups. GuIchard, president of a secret society, was deported to Algeria where he died.
Stop 5 - The old fountain
Bypassing the school there is a wash-house slightly peculiar: a contraction of a wash-house and a fountain of the old village.
Between the 5th and the 6th stop a large engraved stone has been raised. It dates from the inauguration of the new village on January 22nd, 1977.
Halts 6 & 7 -The mar memorial and the laundry
Stop 6 - The war memoria
It pays homage to the dead of World War I.
Stop 7 - The laundry
It was situated on the main square of the old village.
Stop 8 - The Post
The Post is the eldest public service in the village.
Stop 9 - The bakery
Cereals have longtimes been the mainstay of food.
Stop 10 - The cemetery and the chapel
The Avenue de Perfabre leads to the cemetery.
Stop 11 - The memorial
A walk to the lake, below the Sainte-Anne square leads to the village memorial, where a ram and 7 sheep graze peacefully among the lavender, almond and olive trees.


Free access.


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Place Sainte Anne

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