Sculpture fleurie - La Route de l'Histoire et des Légendes

Sculpture "La Grotte des Fées" by Françoise Franjou


Go back in time and discover our villages rich with masterpieces. These have been inspired by magical places and history of mankind. The sculpture "La Grotte des Fées" (The Fairy's Cave) was achieved by Françoise Franjou.

To follow the "Road of History and Legends", one sense of discovery, enter here in this land of freedom where history and imagination cross paths and give birth to legends and other fabulous myths ... In Châteauvieux, the knight Borgandion discovers the strange history of the "Grotte de la Fée" (Fairy Cave).

According to local legend, when we manage to slip into this cave and light our lamps in the dark, we meet fairies draped in veils that show shapes trapped in the stone. A mystery or simply a marvellous stone sanctuary...


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