Les Gorges du Verdon - Base nautique municipale des Salles-sur-Verdon

"The Verdon Gorges" package


Ready to paddle your way to adventure? Relax and discover in the heart of the Verdon! This package is designed for people with a van or camper van who will be staying at the base for 2 nights, in combination with a nautical activity!

Take a full-day kayaking adventure on the magnificent lake to discover the entrance to the Verdon Canyon!

Imagine floating along the crystal-clear water, gliding peacefully through the majestic cliffs that rise up around you. With your kayak as your guide, explore secret corners and breathtaking panoramas, while soaking up the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Once you've arrived at the nautical base, you can first enjoy what our beautiful village has to offer before starting your adventure the next morning at 9:30 a.m. You're not expected to be back before 4 p.m.

5 rentals available


"The Verdon Gorges" package: rental of individual kayak - departure 9:30 a.m. and return max. 4 p.m. - 160 € for 4 persons and 100 € for 2 persons (included: 3 days-2 nights pitch for van or camper-van on our site with electricity and sanitary facilities available).


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Quartier Margaridon

Modified from 19/02/2024 by "Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Lacs et Gorges du Verdon".


Nautical activities are available in season.
Out of season - the secretariat remains open.

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